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Ensemble Play – Creepy Nuts

Ensemble Play – Creepy Nuts
Ensemble Play – Creepy Nuts
🎬01. Intro
🔥02. 2way nice guy
🌊03. Patto Saite Chitte Haini
🌊04. dawn
🔥05. Daten
🔥06. Madman
👍🏾07. Yujin A
🌊08. Front Desk No.9
🌊09. Losstime
🌊10. Baka Majime f. Ayase & Ikuta Lilas
🏖️11. Outro
🔥12. Nobishiro – From THE FIRST TAKE
Project is more anime than anything. Its hip hop adjacent for sure, but like if the dude from panic at the disco had a Japanese accent and took a shot at it. Its a good time for sure, I found myself bopping and slowly catching what was in english. The vibe of this is very big, everything feels like full productions that had allot behind it. The lyrics for the most part seem very mainstream driven and lighthearted. I like to imagine this what rappers back in the day thought Ja Rule sounded like when they said he went pop. Not bad tho, fun production, they got some flows and mad soy sauce, honestly more sauce than allot of the stuff we review here and it can be bumped by a variety of people, from those who are allergic to sunlight to those who cannot be confined to the construct of a genre fan. In rotation.
7.3/10 – John D.
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