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Tranquilizer Dart – Dub Sonata

Tranquilizer Dart – Dub Sonata
Tranquilizer Dart – Dub Sonata
🌊01. Cold Alliance f. Double A.B.
🔥02. My Song f. Nature & Rhymefest
🌊03. The Butterfly Effect f. Vordul Mega
🌊04. Somebody Shoulda Warned Ya f. Craig G, Sadat X & Dom Pachino
🔥05. Everywhere I go f. Muja Messiah, Guilty Simpson & Copywrite
🚒06. Tranquilizer Dart f. Nickelus F & Swigga
🔥07. Amen f. Eveing Elevator
🔥08. Rubik’s Cube f. Cannibal Ox, Double A.B. & Copywrite
🔥09. Deleted Never f. The Aztext & Mopes
🚒10. Another Day f. Revalation, Bobby J from Rockaway & M-Dot
🌊11. (Bonus) Everywhere I Go- Evening Elevator Mix f. Muja Messiah, Guilty Simpson & Copywrite
Project got that old school all star tape feel. Dub brought out his secret folder of heaters, and specifically sent these out. Every beat on here no matter what direction or vibe, slaps. Then you have all of the emcees rapping like he sent these beats with a timebomb attached to it. Its a good time, all the voices, cadences, bars, and such, just the variety of raps on here is so overloaded that you have no choice but to like something on here. I loved all of it, this the underground Golden Corral mixtape. We all don’t give everything about it the credit it deserves, and it isn’t marketed as much as the other food spots. A good time for backpackers, young cats can get jiggy with this too but this really for cats who argue that the old NBA jerseys will forever be better than the new. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.
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