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The Single Life EP – Saweetie

The Single Life EP – Saweetie
The Single Life EP – Saweetie
🚛2. BO$$ CHICK
💩3. P.U.S.S.Y. (Powerful, Utopia, Supreme, Sacred, Yummy)
Project is a BBL. Fake and ass cheeks in abundance. When listening to this 3 things come to mind, Blueface and that missing tooth chick constantly being on my timeline against me and my algorithms will, all those ratchet reality shows that I would hope my people don’t watch but we know of and worry about those who do watch them, and those toxic twitter women who defend all of the things I mentioned earlier. All the fame and money she got and the music is this bad, from butchering the Juicy beat, to naming all her songs after things those toxic twitter women say often. I hated it, you should too. Its not good. Throw it out minus the last track where you can see some of the talent that made her an industry plant.
3/10 – John D.
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