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The Last Remnants – Che Noir

The Last Remnants – Che Noir
The Last Remnants – Che Noir
🌊1. Handicap
🔥2. Therapy Session
🔥3. Bidding War f. Ransom
🔥4. Summertime f. Elcamino
🔥5. Wine & Dine f. Jynx716
🚒6. Wash the Dishes f. Benny the Butcher
🌊7. Lately f. Klass Murda
🌊8. Promised Land f. 38 Spesh
9. Art of Patience
Project is dope. She can rap and just wakes up ready to remind yall. On top of that energy she has these high tier killers for features. It works everytime. Production is dope but for sure a bit different and unexpected. Some weak hooks on here too but nothing is bad just kinda feels like throwaways, very good throwaways. Its short so the replay value is here. Solid pacing and just a nice addition to her catalog. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.
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