This Must Be The Place – Apollo Brown

This Must Be The Place – Apollo Brown


This Must Be The Place – Apollo Brown
?01. Got It Good
?02. Time Lost
?03. It Just Is
?04. Flowers Die
?05. Nervous Goodbyes
?06. Escapism
??07. Just Like Home
?08. Changes in the Truth
?09. Jupiter Gold
??10. Orange and More Orange
??11. Pipe Dreams
?12. Butter
??13. Harm’s Way
?14. Unattached
?15. Who They Thought We Were
?16. Two Steps Behind
?17. Kite Strings
?18. The Light of Day
?19. Delusional
?20. Watch the Ball Drop
?21. Catching Moments
This beat tape is fantastic. This is the kind of instrumental tape that would get you in the mood to write. Towards the middle of this tape, the pacing became stagnant and gave off a sense that these beats may have been throwaways that he added to full up the tape with as much beats as possible. That being said none of these beats are wack at all. Just in comparison to the beginning and end of the tape it left a lot more to be desired. But If you need to get inspired, practice your freestyle or if you just want to have dope instrumentals on shuffle as background noise to enjoy the autumnal season coming up, this is the perfect project for you. Highly recommend this one.
8/10 – RecklessDWR


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