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Keep the Truth Alive – Drakeo The Ruler

Keep the Truth Alive – Drakeo
Keep the Truth Alive – Drakeo
🗑01. Extortion
🚛02. Ask For Permission
😂03. Them Yo Friends?
👎🏾04. Hang With the Opps
👎🏾05. Suicide Dawn f. Ralfy the Plug
💵06. Been Regular
🗑07. DRAKEO not Drake-O
👎🏾08. Slip & Fall
🗣09. Keep WAtchin’
🗑10. Get Yo Boogie On
🚛11. John Lennon
🚛12. 80 Thousand
👎🏾13. 3Ks
🗑14. Stop Me f. Ralfy the Plug
🗣15. Won’t Be Doing That
👎🏾16. The Real Champion
🌊17. My Way Or the Highway
🗣18. I Know the Truth
This Dr Seuss ASMR. Maybe its a preference thing but I am not cool with dudes whispering super thug flash raps in my ear. I can’t even say its for the ladies, and if it is these are woman I want nothing to do with. Call the cops. The beats were a mix of like bay area trap stuff so I hated them, his raps were about the exact same thing, I got guns and money, you don’t have as many as me, I did a song with drake. Thats it. Pacing is wack, the skits were wack for the most part there was a funny one but thats it. It all feels like a joke but I cant tell if we should be laughing at him or laughing at him. This can stay for the streets, they can have it, its theirs. I don’t think anyone else wants it. Pass on this one.
1/10 – John D.
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