Keep the Truth Alive – Drakeo

Keep the Truth Alive – Drakeo The Ruler


Keep the Truth Alive – Drakeo
?01. Extortion
?02. Ask For Permission
?03. Them Yo Friends?
??04. Hang With the Opps
??05. Suicide Dawn f. Ralfy the Plug
?06. Been Regular
?07. DRAKEO not Drake-O
??08. Slip & Fall
?09. Keep WAtchin’
?10. Get Yo Boogie On
?11. John Lennon
?12. 80 Thousand
??13. 3Ks
?14. Stop Me f. Ralfy the Plug
?15. Won’t Be Doing That
??16. The Real Champion
?17. My Way Or the Highway
?18. I Know the Truth
This Dr Seuss ASMR. Maybe its a preference thing but I am not cool with dudes whispering super thug flash raps in my ear. I can’t even say its for the ladies, and if it is these are woman I want nothing to do with. Call the cops. The beats were a mix of like bay area trap stuff so I hated them, his raps were about the exact same thing, I got guns and money, you don’t have as many as me, I did a song with drake. Thats it. Pacing is wack, the skits were wack for the most part there was a funny one but thats it. It all feels like a joke but I cant tell if we should be laughing at him or laughing at him. This can stay for the streets, they can have it, its theirs. I don’t think anyone else wants it. Pass on this one.
1/10 – John D.


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