Hummingbird – bLAck pARty

Hummingbird – bLAck pARty


Hummingbird – bLAck pARty
??01. Blues
?02. She’s Gone
??03. Hotline
?04. Soakin f. Gwen Bunn
?05. On My Way
??06. WW3
?07. Down 4 Me
??08. BOMB f. ?Kari Faux
?09. Flame f. DMP Jefe & Zoe Mazah
?10. KEMET f. Saba
??11. Ride f. ?Jean Deaux
?12. I Love You More Than You Know f. ?Childish Gambino
Project was a mess. I was bamboozled, I went into this with the mentality that all R&B has to be good new age or old because all they gotta do is know how to sing. This dude was mids at best in every aspect of this genre. To the point where you could probably classify this as rap but he would be mids at that too. He took away from all the production, and most of the features. It had moments where he would slide but barely the points came from the features. If the features sucked the song sucked or was painfully average. I will say tho whatever family affiliation or illuminati club he is in that got him a Childish feature needs to be exposed for industry planting a bit too hard. Id pass on this.
4.5/10 – John D.


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