Prestigious – Jay Holly & Prime

Prestigious – Jay Holly & Prime


Prestigious – Jay Holly & Prime
?01. Intro
?02. Ask For Nothing
?03. Ain’t Enough
?04. Brothers On A Rampage
?05. How It’s Suppose To Feel
?06. Lockdown
?07. Kingpins
?08. We The Livest
?09. Headliners
?10. Outro
This album was a smooth listen. Very New York heavy when it comes to the production, which elevated some songs, but kinda took away from some songs. Although the production on some songs were lacking, they were talking nice! Which made me forgive the production, and made me appreciate the project throughout. Woulda loved to hear a feature or two, but the pacing of the project and how dope Jay & Prime came out on tracks made it not necessary. If you fuck with real hip-hop, I highly recommend this project. Definitely peep this one.
7.8/10 – RecklessDWR


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