Fluorescent Mud – Ty Farris & Sebb Bash

Fluorescent Mud – Ty Farris & Sebb Bash


Fluorescent Mud – Ty Farris & Sebb Bash
?01. Bashing Heads
?02. Mental Tats
?03. Crown Us
?04. The Homie Van
?05. Where’s the Garbage Can?
?06. Deadly Dialogue
?07. That Simple f. Estee Nack
?08. Con Uno
?09. Destinations
?10. Feed the Kids
?11. Can’t Candy Coat It
?12. Condominium Crack Dealers f. Planet Asia
?13. Immortalized
This is penmanship at its finest. You got some intricate weaving of real grown shit, and real street shit with nostalgic lines and imagery just casually comboing you up while listening to this. Then add the nice mix of raw gritty beats and some smooth too with dope samples just to bring it all together. This one of those ones that you cant just put on in the background because when shit hits you gonna have to run it back make sure you are hearing what you just heard. He got a slow burn flow, but its technical and he just delivering it back to back to back. Lowkey like if you slowed down Royce and sprinkled some lightskin on him. Project is dope, great pacing, great substance, great technical skill and penmanship, and even the features tho a few came to throw bars around. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.


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