Ties – Felivand

Ties – Felivand


Ties – Felivand
?01. Way Out
?02. Stolen Seats
?03. Not My Way
?04. Safe Here
?05. Butterfly Wings
?06. Where Were You
?07. Big Little
?08. Ripple Effect
?09. Lately
?10. My Cool
?11. Ride Home
?12. Seasons
Project told me in 12 different ways to go sit in some grass. This feel good music. Beautiful poetry delivered in the most angelic way possible. Every song had a vibe and different bops but what really gave he wings was when the beats had more hip hop drums to them. She was floating on this just comfortably laying down some beauty. I feel like whenever record was hit she had her hand on her chest. Mad love mad soul and just great pacing. In rotation easily.
7.7/10 – John D.


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