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Timeless – Bugseed & DJ Motora

Timeless – Bugseed & DJ Motora
Timeless – Bugseed & DJ Motora
🔥01. Vibrant
🔥02. Pleasure
🔥03. Ideal
🔥04. Era
🔥05. Off the Wall
🔥06. Hefty
🔥07. Zoned
🔥08. Bricks
🔥09. Cultivation
🌊10. Future
🔥11. Blunted
🔥12. Hoodlum
Project is dope, just 12 back to back lightly crunch gritty bangers to keep your mind right. Whole project tells a story and most of that story I wish was told with a voice too but it still managed to get the job done. Pacing was great, quality is clean gives off high quality cassette vibes. Brought me back to when I would bike all over long island. Project made me wanna smoke and I dont smoke, made me wanna drink and I dont drink, made me just wanna relax and chill, also 2 things I do not do. This a dope one to study to, drive to, whatever you do to get you focused this here will cater to that moment effortlessly. Well done. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.
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