Timeless – Bugseed & DJ Motora

Timeless – Bugseed & DJ Motora


Timeless – Bugseed & DJ Motora
?01. Vibrant
?02. Pleasure
?03. Ideal
?04. Era
?05. Off the Wall
?06. Hefty
?07. Zoned
?08. Bricks
?09. Cultivation
?10. Future
?11. Blunted
?12. Hoodlum
Project is dope, just 12 back to back lightly crunch gritty bangers to keep your mind right. Whole project tells a story and most of that story I wish was told with a voice too but it still managed to get the job done. Pacing was great, quality is clean gives off high quality cassette vibes. Brought me back to when I would bike all over long island. Project made me wanna smoke and I dont smoke, made me wanna drink and I dont drink, made me just wanna relax and chill, also 2 things I do not do. This a dope one to study to, drive to, whatever you do to get you focused this here will cater to that moment effortlessly. Well done. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.


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