The Most Hated – B-Dope

The Most Hated – B-Dope


The Most Hated – B-Dope
?? 01. King Of The Town
? 02. Raised In The Streets
?? 03. Straight Facts
? 04. Bare Knuckle Boxing
? 05. Plottin
?? 06. So Proud
? 07. Since When
?? 08. Ask About Me
?? 09. Thin Line Feat. BGlizzy
?? 10. The Most Hated
This album was aight. Nothing to ride home about. He kept the same flow and sound throughout the whole project and ended up sounding like background music. Nothing stood out rap wise or production wise. His only feature didn’t do much to add any significant contrast to the record. It was very by the numbers c-tier rap album. Even the names of the tracks were generic names for rap songs. For someone named B-Dope, he certainly wasn’t as dope as he lead me to believe. Check it out if you want, but it’s mids.
5.5/10 – RecklessDWR


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