222 – Kalan.FrFr.

222 – Kalan.FrFr.


222 – Kalan.FrFr.
?01. Wish Upon A Star
?02. Get Your Money
??03. Light Breeze
?04. Diablo
?05. Popstar
??06. Rich Party
??07. Toxic
??08. No Stoppin f. Blxst
?09. Facetime
?10. U Want It
?11. Pull Up
?12. Last Night
?13. Going Through Things
You would think hes trying to convince you he isnt an industry plant. Maybe hes convinced idk. He also made the most insecure track of 2022, track 12 is baby shit soft. Only thing solid on this is the production. Everything else has been done and can honestly be done by anyone minus the last track which slapped. The rest is cookie cutter industry swag insecure get bitches get money just don’t break my heart music. Whole energy of this project screams “you already know who this is” but I really didnt. Throw it into pile and it will vanish. Weak.
4/10 – John D.


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