Sidist (VI) – Rophnan

Sidist (VI) – Rophnan


Sidist (VI) – Rophnan
??01. Sidist
?02. Qal
?03. Senaye
?04. Wegahta f. Meswani
?05. Hamet
?06. Essey
?07. Bihon
?08. Desse
?09. Fole
?10. Gobe
?11. Haya f. Kismaw
?12. Skit
?13. Hiwot
?14. Merkeb f. Julian Marley
?15. Yessat Erat
?16. Tawkiyalesh Yihon
?17. Yeamangu Quine
I am gonna keep it a buck minus the one track where he spit a verse in english, I have no idea what was being said on this project. Outside of that tho I know what i felt, and this project got a bit of spiritual energy that it gives off that I was here for. The production, his flows, the switchups, how they really let them shits marinate was hitting. I found myself speaking gibberish alongside with him speaking his language to the best of my ability. The quality is clean, the pacing is dope, the vibe is dope and honestly the way it has some moments of darkness and him getting his brrr on give me the impression that this project is very emotional and for his people. I was loving it, you can put this on at a houseparty, bbq, block party whatever as long as seasoned folks around they gonna enjoy it. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.


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