Welcome to Skep City – Alwizzy

Welcome to Skep City – Alwizzy


Welcome to Skep City – Alwizzy
?01. Welcome to Skep City
??02. Skepman
??03. Fly ’till I’m Free
?04. Still Untouchable
?05. No Justice
?06. Chronic Nostalgia
?07. Rapture (Wish You Would)
??08. Just Chillin’
?09. So Dope
?10. Dreams (Intro)
?11. Dreams f. Thee Phantom & The Phoenix
??12. Savage
Project is a mess highkey. The obnoxious double on his vocals that is way too consistent, the fact that every song goes on 2 minutes longer than they should have, the consistency of uncle raps or mid life crisis raps however you interpret it. I was not here for it, lots of new rapperism’s for sure with him rushing flows, corny punches and scrambled subjects. Some beats were dope, some absolutely not. Project feels like that first project most of us put out on Soundcloud or for my demographic that first DatPiff project. I didnt enjoy it, I could hear the progress in his comfort and he def stepped it up on his only track with features, which highkey would’ve have been better without him. Dudes gonna need a bunch of practice, a bunch of honest ears, some meditation and some creative ears to really lock his sound down, but until that starts developing we might get like 1 or 2 more of these till then. Pass.
3/10 – John D.


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