Peace “Fly” God – Westside Gunn

Peace “Fly” God – Westside Gunn


Peace “Fly” God – Westside Gunn
?01. Peace Flygod
?02. Jesus Crack
?03. Ritz Barlton
?04. Big Ass Bracelet
?05. Bobby Rhude
?06. Derrick Boleman
?07. Horses on Sunset
?08. Open Praise
?09. Danhausen
?10. Flip V. Phil
Not of a fan of these releases with features not being listed. Love the energy of this project, starts off strange with a 8 min track but once that and the second track finish up it gets straight to that dark gritty rap shit. All sorts of top tier underground features, the pacing sticks, and you got all the musty dusty raps you could want and expect. Project is targeted to dudes who listen to music out the phone speaker in public while yelling out they favorite words or ad libs. If you always buy chapstick at every story but lips always chapped, or got ashy knuckles, and old kicks on, this project will make you wanna change all that but its also for you. In rotation ignorantly.
8/10 – John D.


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