BREEZY – Chris Brown

BREEZY – Chris Brown


BREEZY – Chris Brown
?01. Till The Wheels Fall Off (feat. Lil Durk & Capella Grey)
?02. Catch A Body (feat. Fivio Foreign)
?03. Pitch Black
?04. Possesive (feat. Lil Wayne & BLEU)
??05. Addicted (feat. Lil Baby)
?06. Call Me Every Day (feat. Wizkid)
?07. Closure (feat. H.E.R.)
?08. Need You Right Here (feat. Bryson Tiller)
?09. Sex Memories (feat. Ella Mai)
??10. Hmhmm (feat. Est Gee)
??11. Psychic (feat. Jack Harlow)
?12. Show It (feat. Blxst)
?13. Sleep At Night
?14. Passing Time
?15. Warm Embrace
?16. Forbidden
?17. Bad Than A Beach (feat. Tory Lanez)
?18. Survive The Night
?19. Dream
??20. Slide
?21. Harder
?22. On Some New Shit
?23. Luckiest Man
??24. Iffy
Honestly this is a short album for Chris so you know the deluxe version going to add like 15 more songs lol. Chris has always had great production and boy can put a song together. This album is no exception. For the most part the pacing worked well, the features all came to play on exception of est gee and lil baby. As I always we here at NYM advocate shorter albums because sometimes more isn’t a good thing and this album could’ve been cut in half. But for what it’s worth this album slides and there’s a few on here you gotta put on when you and shorty got the Netflix and chill on.
7.8/10 – LP


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