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BREEZY – Chris Brown

BREEZY – Chris Brown
BREEZY – Chris Brown
🌊01. Till The Wheels Fall Off (feat. Lil Durk & Capella Grey)
🔥02. Catch A Body (feat. Fivio Foreign)
🆗03. Pitch Black
🔥04. Possesive (feat. Lil Wayne & BLEU)
👍🏽05. Addicted (feat. Lil Baby)
🔥06. Call Me Every Day (feat. Wizkid)
🌊07. Closure (feat. H.E.R.)
🔥08. Need You Right Here (feat. Bryson Tiller)
🌊09. Sex Memories (feat. Ella Mai)
👍🏽10. Hmhmm (feat. Est Gee)
👍🏽11. Psychic (feat. Jack Harlow)
🌊12. Show It (feat. Blxst)
🔥13. Sleep At Night
🔥14. Passing Time
🆗15. Warm Embrace
🌊16. Forbidden
🌊17. Bad Than A Beach (feat. Tory Lanez)
🔥18. Survive The Night
🔥19. Dream
👍🏽20. Slide
🔥21. Harder
🌊22. On Some New Shit
🌊23. Luckiest Man
👍🏽24. Iffy
Honestly this is a short album for Chris so you know the deluxe version going to add like 15 more songs lol. Chris has always had great production and boy can put a song together. This album is no exception. For the most part the pacing worked well, the features all came to play on exception of est gee and lil baby. As I always we here at NYM advocate shorter albums because sometimes more isn’t a good thing and this album could’ve been cut in half. But for what it’s worth this album slides and there’s a few on here you gotta put on when you and shorty got the Netflix and chill on.
7.8/10 – LP
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