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Coronation – DJ Pharris

Coronation – DJ Pharris
Coronation – DJ Pharris
🆗01. Everything New f. Chance the Rapper, Wiz Khalifa & Rockie Fresh
🆗02. Get Down f. Lil Zay Osama & Lil Durk
🚮03. Feels f. Calboy & TheHxliday
🌊04. Knowledge f. CEO Trayle & G Herbo
👎🏿05. Oooh f. Heavy Steppers
🚮06. No Tellin f. Valee
👎🏿07. Cat in the Hat f. Tes X
🆗08. Wassup f. Moneybagg Yo & Bowl King
🚮09. Jimbo f. Cvinchi
👍🏿10. Uppy f. El Hitta
👎🏿11. Rich Ghetto Bitch f. SG Batman & VIC MENSA
🆗12. Controversy f. StreetQuality Quise & Fatmoney
👎🏿13. JUUG f. Jeremih & Chief Keef
👍🏿14. Paranoia f. Byrus West
If a mixtape could fail horribly, this has done it. The worst type of compilation tape. This makes you miss the old Dj Khaled days when at least the placement & names on the tracks brought excitement…. cause this attempt missed by a long shot. not a moment on here that I’d return to. Pacing and everything, was just boring. A small amount of the songs were listenable, but thats about it.
3/10 – T.R.3
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