Blood On My Chainsaw – RJ Payne

Blood On My Chainsaw – RJ Payne


Blood On My Chainsaw – RJ Payne
?1. Blood On My Chainsaw
?2. Alien VS Predator f. UFO FEV
?3. Shotgunz In Hell f. Canibus
?4. Execution Style f. Shoegang
?5. Room Full of Killaz f. Mickey Factz, Jon Conner & Mad Squablz
?6. Murder Sends a Message f. David Bars, B Magic & Eazy Da Block Captain
?7. Padded Room f. Flee Lord & Mav
This nigga made a 6 piece to just eat his features. Imagine getting invited to a cookout, dude grillin cooks up some heat, sets the tables, serves ya plates, then after yall say grace he start eating from every plate first. Guests consisting of old killers, new killers, battle rap killers, underground and all. He was only missing a mainstream name but I get why that didn’t happen, because they couldn’t handle his energy on they ego. Dude is a fucking psychopath with the pen. Punchlines all over, on top of these dope ass beats, and everyone on here came with it too, no one slacked. This one is not for people looking for hooks and shit to dance to, this is for cats looking for violence, every day. In rotation but only sometimes because I can’t afford to get in trouble.
9/10 – John D.


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