Zhigeist – eLZhi & Georgia Anne Muldrow

Zhigeist – eLZhi & Georgia Anne Muldrow


Zhigeist – eLZhi & Georgia Anne Muldrow
?01. News From the Ship
?02. Amnesia
?03. Every Moment
?04. King Shit (Say Word)
?05. Understanding / Understanding Reprise (Too much at end)
?06. Already Gone
?07. Strangeland
?08. Pros and Cons
?09. Nefertiti
?10. Interlude
?11. Compassion
Homegirl really brought this one down. She can sing but everytime she showed up on this project it was so strangely mixed, way too eery and echoing, and it really clashed with the soul of this, it would also outwear its welcome quick and last way too long. Then you have these beats that are solid loops but thats about as far as it goes, nothing was turning up, changing or adding flair to his raps. He highkey was carrying this entire project with all that his pen could do, if it wasnt for his pen i wouldnt have liked this. He was talking some real soulful, down to earth but highly intelligent shit on here that I loved but should have loved more if everything around it matched his energy. Its def solid but you will hear it, the more you wanna listen to his words the more the other stuff will throw you off. In rotation.
7.5/10 – John D.


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