Back in Black – Cypress Hill

Back in Black – Cypress Hill


Back in Black – Cypress Hill
?01. Takeover
?02. Open Ya Mind
?03. Certified f. Demrick
?04. Bye Bye f. Dizzy Wright
?05. Come with Me
?06. The Original
?07. Hit Em’
?08. Break of Dawn
?09. Champion Sound
?10. The Ride
Mannnnn these beats alone are a green check. Pair them up with hip hop vets and you got a project of bangers. Back to back. Dope cadences, clean pockets, raps and all you need to know about weed. This grown man weed raps that involve taxes and the stresses of science not just those college dropout white girls with forever starter locs who grow and maintain for cheap because they also homeless. Features all smoked with them, pacing is dope and its a great mix of food and that good medicine. These songs were made to hotbox, enlighten and stress out your sound system. Easily in rotation.
8/10 – John D.


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