Sleepy Soldier – Tanna Leone

Sleepy Soldier – Tanna Leone


Sleepy Soldier – Tanna Leone
??01. The Love Intro
?02. Fatal Attraction
?03. Picasso
?04. Nirvana
?05. Butterfly
?06. One Of One
??07. Death ‘N Taxes
?08. Here We Go Again
?09. Lobos
??10. Go Mode
?11. Wave Watching Interlude
??12. Heartbreaker
?13. If There’s A God
?14. February
Project is a mess. Pacing isn’t great and it seems like for every track he does something unique, he follows up with something boring and generic. Sometimes he’s even saved by the engineering and mix because the talent seems lazy. Subject matter is ok for the most part, nothing too deep or inventive but sometimes it hits that personal sweet spot. Production is dope could’ve been done more justice with less autotune. I really wanted to like this but it kept taking that from me. Hopefully he steps it up next time.
4.5/10 – John D.


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