Simple. – IDK

Simple. – IDK


Simple. – IDK
??1. Drugstore
?2. Southeast to Paris
?3. Dog Food f. ?Denzel Curry
?4. Zaza Tree
?5. Breathe
?6. Taco
?7. The Code f. Mike Dimes
?8. Paris to Southeast
Project aint bad if you skip that weird experimental shit. It highkey works on Breathe but other than that the intro noisey, zaza is meh. Skip those and you got 2 dope like interlude outro things and 4 bangers. Dude can rap and when it does he shines. When he sings its solid but he might need someone to put up some wallas as far as adding things. Clean tho a great lil bit of what could be to come. Got some loops on here like a solid small ep just chillen with some extra fat you can cut off. Not bad at all. In rotation.
6.5/10 – John D.


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