Reflect EP – Kyru Wik

Reflect EP – Kyru Wik


Reflect EP – Kyru Wik
?1. Hurting
?2. Down and Out
?3. Home
?4. Sober
?5. Inside
Project is too short but its got allot. All the feels. Its clear dude can rap, he shows that but what shines the most is the content, hes using his calm cadence, and slick flows to deliver some very honest, very real sadness. Its like a dance between struggle and appreciation, just back and forth, ups and downs that give you a very clear picture of some current situations he faced, is facing but also things that have been on his mind. You got some great sonics, the production is smooth and keeps with the mood too. All around its a small but complete thought, like venting with your homie but getting an important phone call mid conversation. Mix is solid too, only thing on here that I could nit pick is I wish the other hooks were as fleshed out as the closing track. In rotation, if you one of those people who listen listen, plan out your day because this one will have an effect on you.
8/10 – John D.


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