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Free The Big Homie – Ghost Face

Free The Big Homie – Ghost Face
Free The Big Homie – Ghost Face
🗣01. Intro
😴02. Tex Talkin (feat. SlimeBilly)
👍🏽03. Free The Big Homie (feat. BigBlood)
😴04. Blood Before Betrayal (feat. 45 Gotti)
💩05. Why Not (feat. 45 Bagz)
💩06. White Lows (feat. ROC LEGEND)
💩07. Won’t Stand Down (feat. 45 Gotti & Quanny)
💩08. Hot Boy (feat. ROC LEGEND)
😴09. No Chance (feat. 45 Bags)
😴10. Portraits (feat. BigBlood)
🚮11. Base Dismissed (feat. SlimeBilly)
💩12. Blood In The Water (feat. ROC LEGEND)
🚮13. Lies Lies Lies (feat. 45 Gotti)
🚮14. Pull Up What’s Brackin (feat. 45Donn)
😴15. You Sayin (feat. 45 Bagz)
🚮16. My Thoughts (feat. BigBlood)
💩17. Runnin 2 Da Bag
🗣18. Outro
This a whole bunch of gangsters rapping from jail or in the studio. Like that’s it. No real bars or substance. Beats are blueface type instrumentals. Production is Larry David “ehhh” face. This was hard to listen to. I did it for you so you don’t have to suffer because I love you that much.
0.9/10 – LP
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