Blanca Nelly – Free Goodes

Blanca Nelly – Free Goodes


Blanca Nelly – Free Goodes
?1. Intro
?2. Never Ready
?3. Hate Me When I Lie (feat. Ariel Reyes)
??4. Might Be
?5. M.o.M.a Freestyle (feat. Ariel Reyes)
?6. Lo-Fi (feat. MostCreative & Ariel Reyes)
?7. Don’t Take Advantage (feat. Talent Harris & Latin)
?8. Fold Up
There’s a lot going on here so let me try to unpack this. The pacing is all over the place like an experiment not exactly coherent. Intro starts off aggressive so your thinking this is going to be a good time but the second track doesn’t live up to the intro and from there it gets muddy until track 6. If you take tracks 1,6 & 7 and expand on it you have a dope ass project. As it stands I gotta pass.
4.1/10 – LP


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