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The Recycling Bin – Aesop Rock

The Recycling Bin – Aesop Rock
The Recycling Bin – Aesop Rock
🌊1. Pigs Remix
🌊2. Defender Remix
🔥3. Kodokushi Remix
🥁4. Pigs instrumental
🥁5. Defender instrumental
🥁6. Kodokushi Remix
This is some real authentic hip hop right here. You can hear how skilled & seasoned this guy is by the verbiage. He got a lot to say & a cool as way to say it over some of the most original production I’ve heard in a while. It seems that these songs are already out in some capacity cause they all remixes or instrumentals. But based off this 1st listen I more than interested in what the original tracks sound like. Lastly, it was real old school of him to include the instrumentals on EP, so it’s truly only 3 songs but it felt good to see people care enough about the consumer to do so.
8/10 – T.R.3
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