Awakening – King Aboriginal

Awakening – King Aboriginal


Awakening – King Aboriginal
?01. Meek Speaks
?02. Awakening
?03. KingKong!
?04. Money Bag$
?05. Keep it a 100 Wit Yourself
?06. Flowers
?07. DMX Speaks
?08. Never Lose (ft Young Cannon)
?09. Godly! (Ft Chubbs Gotti)
?10. Shine Anyway 2 (ft Fred the Godson)
?11. Bet it All on Me!
?12. Like Pac
?13. Switch Up
?14. Love More! (Ft Se7en)
?15. Queen 2
?16. Bob Speaks
?17. Honestly!
?18. Unity!
?19. Closure
This is a solid project. Beats are dope and the overall vibe of the project is dope but a few of the tracks just didn’t feel like they fit in with everything else, it’s not enough to take away drastically from the project. I think some of these coulda been trimmed and used as a ep or something on the side. I loved the lil excerpts from different interviews and stuff lots of gems mixed in there if your listening. As usual King Ab bringing the content he’s saying some shit on this project. I’m just a little bias and prefer when he’s snapping but I fuck with the moody vibes on this sounds like he’s fed up with a lot of shit on this one. Solid example of mixing the medicine in the food for the most part though.
7.8/10- JW


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