Gumbo! (Deluxe) – Pink Siifu

Gumbo! (Deluxe) – Pink Siifu


Gumbo! (Deluxe) – Pink Siifu
?01. Gumbo’! 4 tha Folks, Hold On f. Big Rube, Liv.e, V.C.R., Nick Hakim & DJ Harrison
?02. Wayans Bros. f. Peso Gordon & ConQuest Tony Phillips
?03. Roscoe’!
?04. Fk U Mean/ Hold me Dwn f. Lastnamedavid
?05. Bussin’ (Cold) ?(beat)
?06. Pink & Green, White & Gold f. Devin Burgess & Liye
?07. BACK’!
?08. Doin Tew Much. (In My Mama Name) Feat. Butch Dawson
?09. 4sho’7 f. B. Cool-Aid & Ahwlee
?10. Living Proof (Family) f. ? The Alchemist
? 11. Scurrrrd f. Big Rube, Nick Hakim, Asal Hazel, Georgia Anne Muldrow, DJ Harrison & Liye
?12. SMILE (wit yo Gold) f. V.C.R., Coco . & Butcher Brown
?13. Call tha Bro (Tapped In) f. Maxo
?14. BRAVO’! Feat. Turich Benjy, JayBee Lamahj, Swaggy Q, VonBeezy & Peso Gordon
?15. Voicemails Uptown f. Monte Booker, Turich Benjy, Lance Skiiiwalker, Jaybee Lamahj, V.C.R. & Nelson Bandela
?16. Big Ole Feat. BbyMutha
?17. lng hair dnt care f. Ted Kamal
?18. Play On f. Liv.e, Notwolfy & Kamilah
?19. Gumbo’! 4 tha Folks, Hold On (Remix’!) f. Big Rube, Liv.e, V.C.R., Nick Hakim & DJ Harrison
?20. Juice Or Rep f. Lord Byron
??21. All Dat
??22. Oldschool’!/BEEP’!
?23. BIG DawG’! f. Kenny Beats
? 24. ThaWalk/FnkN’! f. Kamilah
?25. Griptape’! f. Valee
?26. Fkn Yo Friends’! f. ZelooperZ
??27. SLOW’!! f. Turich Benjy
??28. Slowitdown f. Anwalk, Tyah, Remy Banks & Big Rube
There was a point where, my airpod dying on me was actually a blessing from the heavens as to say “My son, you must stop listening to this sinful music”. But forgive me father for I am about to sin and keep on listening. Jokes aside, this project seemed like it was struggling to find an identity. Some stuff comes off smooth as hell, and other times it’s new age rap that got boring. It was like a hybrid of that slow R&B ish stuff Tyler, The Creator was doing on “wolf” and the new age. This is an album you definitely have to listen to it a couple of times to get what he was going for and to appreciate it. I can see this album growing on me. But it might turn off first time listeners. And the names of some of these artists featured were mainey lol and some songs where titled weird like if it was a new Yugioh card archetype or something. Overall, mixed feelings about this one.
5/10 – RecklessDWR


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