Young Sylvan Ep. 2 – Sylvan Lacue

Young Sylvan Ep. 2 – Sylvan Lacue


Young Sylvan Pt.2 – Sylvan Lacue
??1. Penal Code f. Drakeo Tha Ruler
?2. Trauma
??3. Power Rangers f. Orianthi
??4. Peter Pan f. Grandmaster Vic
?5. PS2 f. Grandmaster Vic
?6. Browser in the sky
In all honesty, nobody needed this. I don’t even think Sylvan did. Is this pt. 2 of “make myself feel bigger than I am”? Like idk. With that said, none of the songs are bad. Actually structured pretty well throughout. Just didn’t feel sincere. And if it was, SHEESH, go back to being “grateful” cause seems like you tryna prove something that don’t align with your core. Maybe just me. Cool listen, no repeats for me.
6/10 T.R.3


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