Corner Booth – Professa Gabel & Brycon

Corner Booth – Professa Gabel & Brycon

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Corner Booth – Professa Gabel & Brycon

?01. Mingle With The Fog
?02. This Or No?
?03. Midnight Diner
?04. I’m Just So Relaxed (ft MC Pauze)
?05. Off The Ledge/No Good Interlude
?06. Slow Water (ft Monk HTS & Ozer)
?07. Duck Confit (ft Monk HTS)
?08. Mom & Pop’s (ft Epupito)
?09. Corner Booth (ft Bryson)
?10. Too Late (ft Cyph4)
?11. Sausalito For Lunch
This was a master class in quality and smoothness, whole project slides production is top tier, raps are clever, smooth and compelling with out being overly complex. I had a great time with this and would say everyone did they thing the pen game is clear but no one was like really losing their mind or pushing any impressive rhymes or anything not that, that detracts from the dope-ness. More just tells me they know what works for them and they are gunna do that till it’s perfect.
9/10 – JW


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