Tana Talk 4 – Benny the Butcher

Tana Talk 4 – Benny the Butcher

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Tana Talk 4 – Benny The Butcher

?01. Johnny P’s Caddy f. J. Cole
?02. Back 2x f. Stove God Cooks
?03. Super Plug
?04. Weekends In The Perry’s f. Boldy James
?05. 10 More Commandments f. Diddy
?06. Tyson vs. Ali f. Conway the Machine
?07. Uncle Bun f. 38 Spesh
?08. Thowy’s Revenge
?09. Billy Joe
?10. Guerrero f. Westside Gunn
?11. Bust A Brick Nick
?12. Mr. Chow Hall
Project is a good time. Its what yall expected. Punchlines, drug lines, plug lines all of that slick black soprano shit. If you arent familiar that summary will do you justice. You got a dope variety in the feature and production department that will aggressively hit your playlists. Features came to conquer, J. Cole absolutely ate fucking food, no leftovers, crumbs or anything. Everyone came with it honestly and the producers did too. On top of all that dope, you got Benny just effortlessly talking his talk, telling his story, and flashing what he flashes. Its hard to hate consistency when its at this level, and if you are just tuning in you honestly can use any of his releases or his teams releases to set a very high bar for your ears. In rotation.
9.5/10 – John D.



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