Colors – Young Boy Never Broke Again

Colors – Young Boy Never Broke Again

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Colors – Young Boy Never Broke Again

?01. Long Live
?02. Bring It On
?03. No Switch
?04. Smoke One
??05. 2Hoo
??06. DC Marvel
?07. How You Been
?08. Expensive Taste
?09. Cage Feeling
??10. Dis & That
?11. Gangsta Feat. Quando Rondo
?12. Know Like I Know
??13. Bring The Hook
??14. Fish Scale (beat ?)
?15. Emo Rockstar
?16. Emo Love (beat ?)
? 17. Snow Bunny (beat ?)
??18. Foolish Figure (beat ?)
?19. I Got This
??20. Flossin
Project is a mess. As an entire project, it doesn’t work. It’s almost a chore to try to listen to it again, that you’re better off just adding your favorite songs to a playlist and hit shuffle. He ruins a lot of good beats with horrible lazy auto tune singing. And So much for a deluxe version. Only added another monotonous auto tuned to death song. This album might don’t got it bruh.
4/10 – RecklessDWR


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