Half God – Wiki

Half God – Wiki

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??01. Not Today (Intro)
?02. Roof
?03. Remarkably
?04. Can’t Do This Alone (ft. Navy Blue)
??05. Never Fall Off
?06. Drug Supplier (ft. Jesse James Solomon)
?07. Wik Tha God
??08. Ego Death
?09. The Business
?10. Home
?11. All I Need (ft. Earl Sweatshirt)
?12. Gas Face (ft. Remy Banks)
?13. The Promised (ft. MIKE)
?14. New Truths
??15. Still Here (ft. duendita)
?16. Grape Soda
Real lyricist will enjoy this project from top to bottom. Outside of that niche, this is definitely not for everyone, especially if you have a mainstream ear for music, cause this the opposite. Just loops & samples with raw stories & experiences from seemingly down to earth Wiki, yet exemplifying God tier MC-ing. The features made this project just that much more worth it cause just went things start to get bland a fresh voice picks the mood up & doesn’t disappoint. Definitely in my “smoke n think” playlist for sure.
8.7/10 – T.R.3


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