The Greenhouse Effect, Vol. 3 – Asher Roth

The Greenhouse Effect, Vol. 3 – Asher Roth

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Greenhouse Effect, Vol. 3 – Asher Roth

?01. Intro to Horti
?02. Learn to Grow f. Tracee Shade, Harbyn & Pow
?03. Growing Pot Now
??04. Quid Pro Grow f. Marcus SMith
?05. Lapis Lazuli
??06. Bloom Phase
?07. Profits From Pot f. Mickey Factz
?08. Charlemagne
??09. Aw Sheesh f. A2Z & Code Will
?10. Brownnose
?11. High PD f. Code Will & Blvff
?12. Bad Apple Magic
?13. Actions & Misdeeds f. Harbyn, Tracee Shade, Pow & Code Will
?14. The Other Side f. Blvff, Code Will, Harbyn, Tracee Shade & Pow
??15. Greenery
This the Mr. Rogers reboot millennials want to see on TV in the future. Project is a ride for sure, second half being wayyyyy better than the first half. For the most part you got some overly bubble gummy hippie shit weed raps save the world and all that good stuff, solid message but extremely corny delivery and beats. Then you have some solid, sometimes a pinch of gritty type weed raps thats educational but with more sauce, its like switching back to your hood dealer after dealing with buying from a weed shop for too long. From gummies to blunts highkey, I love the message and def could learn from this, but feel like the raps didnt pick up until the second half. Its not bad its mostly solid but the beginning will leave a strange or bad impression but if you stick around you might realize that funky neighbor who don’t wear deodorant or socks ever is actually a cool dude. In rotation.
6.5/10 – John D.


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