Teddy Brown Brown – Teddy Failey

Teddy Brown Brown – Teddy Failey

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Teddy Brown Brown – Teddy Failey

?01. VHS
?02. Vic
?03. The Bad News ft Kate Nudo
?04. A Song About Cigarettes But It’s About My Dead Mom Too
?05. Meddlin’ Kids
?06. A Very Normal Interlude
?07. Panic With a Panic Buddy
?08. Paper Plates and Soda
?09. Indistinct Chatter ft Mike Brown
?10. Dear Friends
From top to bottom this project is nice & tight. The storytelling was on ? and then some, every beat deliciously different, the cadence, the mixing, the BARS‼️ I can’t even form a complete sentence for my life after listening to this unfiltered, super- omega polished decadence. Overall I’m speechless & everybody else should be as well?
9.5/10 – TR!P


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