Young Fel 2 – Felly

Young Fel 2 – Felly

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Young Fel 2 – Felly

?01. Fresh Water
?02. Come On
?03. Pot of Gold
?04. Midnight
?05. Fire Out Back
?06. Easy
?07. Still Young
?08. Open Door
?09. Nightride
?10. Bones
?11. La La
?12. Love Me Anyway
?13. Empty
?14. Black Van
This project is versatile as the day is long. The rapping is solid, the singing is surprising & refreshing, and the beats take u on a journey. Some things did start to become repetitive or superficial but there are plenty of content to be given it’s flowers. Overall I wholeheartedly recommend this.
8/10 – TR!P


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