Imperfection – Bolski

Imperfection – Bolski

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Imperfection – Bolski

?01. Got 4 Me
?02. Southside
?03. Pain
??04. Thug Like Me
?05. Ain’t Got Time
?06. Take Risks
?07. Time Away (feat. Bankroll RaeDoe)
?08. Sink Or Swim
?09. Purpose (feat. GB)
?10. Sid Vicious
?11. Road Trips
?12. Lovely
?13. Ain’t Perfect
?14. Baguettes
?15. Bad Habits
?16. People Change
I really thought 2022 would bring us some dope music to kick the year off right….instead I got the chum bucket mixtape. I wish there was some positive to take from this but….I digress. The beats were basic af and all the same. The pacing was like watching a scary movie that ain’t scary with the worst CGI possible. Dude can’t rap like he just can’t. He ain’t talking about shit and for 16 long winded records it’s just a bunch of nothing. When they say don’t quit your day job…this is who they refer to. Hard pass!
0/10 – LP


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