Emotions Running High – BBY KODIE

Emotions Running High – BBY KODIE

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?01. Pain Passion Fortune
??02. This Is Forever
?03. Champagne Fights
?04. Blind
?05. 30 Below
?06. How Chandeliers Are Made
?07. In The Moment
?08. Heritage
?09. Politics
?10. Started This
?11. Arose Out The Fire
?12. Solemn
?13. Stretch
?14. Survival
Project started a bit slow for me but picked up after about track 5. I am going to try to say this in the most non joking straight up way possible. The more I decided not to listen to what was going on the more I enjoyed this project. Once I understood where the content was going to go and that his vocabulary is about as mainstream as it gets I started to enjoy this project and the sounds and structure started to really speak out to me. Not that he isnt trying to get a message across its more so how he does it, its simple but the emotion behind it is what is selling it. He does allot too carrying 14 songs, varying in genres and just sounds in general it will eventually click for you or you might hate it all. Lots of raw emotion, lots of beautiful sounds, intense pacing and structure. From some young people shit to in rotation real quick.
7.8/10 – John D.


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