So Icy Christmas – Gucci Mane

So Icy Christmas – Gucci Mane

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?01. Street Ni66a Christmas
?02. Da Beginning
?03. Nina Ross
?04. Motion
?05. Nose Red
?06. Megatron
?07. Rehab f. Hotboy Wes
?08. On They Own f. Hotboy Wes
?09. On Em f. DJ Chose
?10. All About the Hustle
?11. Day 1
?12. All I Want for Christmas
??13. Son of a Gun
?14. Like the Grinch
??15. Anyway
?16. Servin
?17. Long Live Dolph
Project is like Gucci Mane’s version of take it to the house by no limit but in album form for Christmas. Its him and a bunch of solid artists with terrible names. Imagine that music video was a full on feature film. Thats the good and bad of this project, its way too long and exposes the repetitiveness of this kind of music. As much as I wouldn’t turn it off I also stopped paying attention, it was hard to not start doing other things. The production on here is dope, especially the tracks with switch-ups. The raps on here are just trap hustle Christmas raps, thats really it so do not expect anything else at all. Slow flows, strange voices, and pronunciations. I wasn’t mad at it. Some artists better than others, Gucci shined over his children. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.


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