The Elixir Of Life – Mike Titan & A7MC

The Elixir Of Life – Mike Titan & A7MC

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Elixir Of Life – Mike Titan X A7MC

?01. More Than Hunger
?02. Everything’s Changed
?03. No Clown Shit f. Cutsupreme
?04. You Lo$e
?05. Zcientifik Intelligence f. Aida
?06. Uncensored
?07. Trust Us
?08. Warning Shot
?09. Magnum Opus
?10. Brining Down The Hammer f. Fred Ones
?11. Labyrinth
Project is a good time. You got all the raps, political, woke, aggressive, punchlines, you name it outside of double time or some trap shit and its in here. To start too all the production on here will make you wanna rap rap. The few features came through too, but the best features if you wanna call them that were the producers. Back to the 2 emcees, they came with it, the contrast really worked in they favor. You got Titan just coldly delivering food and medicine while A7 is barking it at you like an instagram influencer who gains traction due to his energy. I was here for it all. Back to back just hip hop. Only thing that this had at moments was some songs were a bit long and almost dragged but outside of that, this project is dope. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.


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