No Cosign Just Cocaine 4 – Ty Farris

No Cosign Just Cocaine 4 – Ty Farris

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??01. Slow Down f. Bozack Morris
?02. Off With They Heads f. Wavy Da Ghawd
?03. You Should Be a Shame f. Black Milk
?04. Over f. SeenDaDream & Big Twins
??05. Scary Times f. Mickey Diamond, Substance810 & Dango Forlaine
?06. Brands of High quality f. Big Ghost LTD
?07. The Sicilian Defense f. Stu Bangas
?08. Suffer f. Spanish Ran
??09. Back Blocks f. UFO Fev & Finn
?10. Anonymous Millionaire f. The Standouts
?11. Who Really Got Ya Back f. Bub Rock & Vanderslice
?12. Run Through My Mind f. Elzhi & Trox
?13. Deemed Us Useless f. Nicholas Craven
?14. This Is For All of Yall f. Apollo Brown
Project is solid. You got an array of solid name features and producers all coming together with Ty to provide some high tier raps. Tho the emphasis is on the raps, there are so many raps, all of the raps, wordplay, mad punchlines, metaphors all that food and medicine. That being said it hits points where it lowkey is draining. Some songs start to lose they flair the longer they go, or if the hook don’t slap it makes you think twice before running songs back. Its not often but you will find yourself looking at how much time is left on tracks because your brain has reached its limit. The whole time I was thinking nigga can you have fun on at least 1 track, crack a joke or something. Overall tho I was enjoying myself this here is for penthusiast’s for sure. Hip hoppers gone love it, but outside that I can see this being a slight chore for casuals. In rotation.
7.3/10 – John D.


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