Flood Watch – 8ch2Owens

Flood Watch – 8ch2Owens

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Flood Watch – 8ch2Owens

?1. Cuban Hugh Jackman (prod Tali Rodriguez)
?2. High Standards (prod DJ MATTY LITE)
?3. Party Hats (prod Tali Rodriguez)
?4. 8.C.H. (Prod Tali Rodriguez)
?5. Escape From Roswell (ft G Fam, Serum, Weapon ESP, Ghost Of The Machine, Wreckonize)
?6. Stepping on Keys (prod DUXO)
?7. The Unseen (prod Bo Faat)
Off rip dude sounds like Immortal Technique and MF Doom had a kid and forgot to teach him how to stay on beat. Jokes aside first two tracks were straight until you started the hibbity hibbity shit especially track 2 you had me in the first half and then started miracle spiritual swimming pooling me to death. The biggest problem here is the poor mixing I can get behind the echoey kinda grimey vocal tracks but I can barely hear you over most of the tracks. Also clean up your track list at least for the optics shit was hella sloppy. I had to clean it up for presentation . Half these songs would be received better as acapella freestyles with some flashy videography.
3/10 – JW


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