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Flood Watch – 8ch2Owens

Flood Watch – 8ch2Owens


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Flood Watch – 8ch2Owens
😴1. Cuban Hugh Jackman (prod Tali Rodriguez)
👎2. High Standards (prod DJ MATTY LITE)
🔥3. Party Hats (prod Tali Rodriguez)
🆗4. 8.C.H. (Prod Tali Rodriguez)
😴5. Escape From Roswell (ft G Fam, Serum, Weapon ESP, Ghost Of The Machine, Wreckonize)
👎6. Stepping on Keys (prod DUXO)
😴7. The Unseen (prod Bo Faat)
Off rip dude sounds like Immortal Technique and MF Doom had a kid and forgot to teach him how to stay on beat. Jokes aside first two tracks were straight until you started the hibbity hibbity shit especially track 2 you had me in the first half and then started miracle spiritual swimming pooling me to death. The biggest problem here is the poor mixing I can get behind the echoey kinda grimey vocal tracks but I can barely hear you over most of the tracks. Also clean up your track list at least for the optics shit was hella sloppy. I had to clean it up for presentation . Half these songs would be received better as acapella freestyles with some flashy videography.
3/10 – JW
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