Paulie Cicero – Berner

Paulie Cicero – Berner

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?01. The Restaurant
?02. BS
?03. TD
?04. That’s A Given f. ?Mozzy
?05. Equity f. ?Cozmo
?06. Chess
??07. Glaciers f. Wiz Khalifa
?08. Run
??09. Call Me f. Coi Leray
?10. Puff Puff Pass f. Wiz Khalifa
??11. Cicero f. ?Cozmo
?12. Purple Buds and Pink Coke
?13. Crawlin f. R-MEAN
?14. Bridges On Fire
I know he love talking that weed shit and how its top tier but if his music was weed it’d be mids resin easy. That struggle type you hit when you aint got no weed but need something to get you over. Its not your first choice, but its a choice for sure. The raps, hooks, the content, and some of the features are just boring, the production is usually solid enough to slide but if he don’t do just above the bare minimum it falls off. Some of the features honestly saved songs but as far as the main event himself he just sounds like all of us just checking in at work going with the motions, its just his job is raps. Pacing is a bit all over, and honestly I would only rock with this as background music but the more you listen to it the more you cant pay attention. Its mids.
6.3/10 – John D.


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