Let’s Gooooo – Emilio Myles

Let’s Gooooo – Emilio Myles

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Let’s Gooooo – Emilio Myles

?1. Let’s Goooo (Intro)
?2. Move (feat. Michael Stefan)
??3. Pain
?4. Hiding Place (interlude)
?5. Not Goin Back (feat. 8mile Big K)
??6. Who Am I
?7. Tighten Up (feat. Michael Stefan)
Homie can rap and got a dope ass voice that much is clear on this 7 track effort. What isn’t clear is the song selection. The pacing isn’t exactly there and although he makes up for it with compelling storytelling and bars the production is a little lackluster. I just wanted one of these beats to hit me harder than the bars did. It’s rare a rapper can out perform the beat he’s on but that’s what happened here. Features showed up as well not made at this project just wished I would’ve gotten a little bit more out of the production. Nevertheless it’s in rotation.


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