The Grow Room – Richie Rich

The Grow Room – Richie Rich


The Grow Room – Richie Rich
? 01. One Hitta Quitta
? 02. No Higher (f. Snoop Dogg & Mozzy)
? 03. That Way Up
? 04. Strong Ass Weed (Skit)
? 05. The Grow Room (f. Berner)
? 06. Don’t Tell Nobody (f. Mistah F.A.B.)
? 07. Cookies & Cream (Skit)
? 08. Pussy Wet (f. Too $hort)
? 09. Bad Bitches (f. B-Legit)
? 10. Re-Up (f. Yuckmouth)
? 11. Can’t Wait
? 12. Grow Dealer
? 13. Neil Armstrong
? 14. Smoke (f. C-Bo)
? 15. Dubies
If this project was shorter by like 7-10 tracks it would’ve been much better. Every track almost sounded the same. The production sounded like a slightly different version of the previous beat and nothing stood out lyrically or delivery-wise. I got very bored half way through and I needed to hear more variation and drive on a 15 track project. Making a topic driven project is dope, but it also gets high key boring when its 15 tracks of the same thing with no extra spice. I understand this is a west coast vibe, but these kind of flaws apply to all sounds, sides, vibes and genres.
4/10 – D.


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