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L.N.E.M. III – A.M. Early Morning & Nightwalker

L.N.E.M. III – A.M. Early Morning & Nightwalker
L.N.E.M. III – A.M. Early Morning & Nightwalker
🌊1. Late Night Early Morning 3 f. Eto
🔥2. Herb Abrams Sniff f. Pozlyrix
🔥3. La Historia De Mi Primo f. Otis Ghost
🌊4. Holy Matrimony
🔥5. Dusk Till Dawn f. King Magnetic
🌊6. Bape Sweats, Supreme J’s (best end skit, a classic)
🔥7. Jacob’s Ladder f. 🚒Little Vic
Project bops. I will say the mix was a bit quiet but its all consistent so you can just put your volume up, just remember to turn it down after because the right project will blow your speakers out. The raps are all here in plenty and get heightened with the features, especially Vic just spitting that homemade gravy and gabagool all over that last track. Then you dope production that just makes the raps hit better. You cant go wrong with a formula like this, dope beats, dope raps delivered with dope cadences and rap voices, and its a short lil care package that can be looped all day. This that old school love. Shit that makes me miss baggy clothes and cheap sports jerseys that were 3 times bigger than sizes that fit me. Only thing this coulda benefitted with is more haymakers. When you giving people raps, make sure to add some significant strikes with the combinations. In rotation.
7.8/10 – John D.
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