Campfire – Lucy Camp

Campfire – Lucy Camp


Campfire – Lucy Camp
? 01. Home
? 02. The Move
? 03. My Head
? 04. Silver (f. Fjer)
? 05. Oh My
? 06. How Much
? 07. Drive
? 08. Eastside
? 09. Rowdy
? 10. Unenthusiastic
? 11. Last Laugh
I really like that she’s not trying too hard. She has a really dope voice, flow and she’s not afraid to experiment artistically without being over-provocative or doing the same shit everybody else does. She tends to build up her flow on certain tracks and then starts going off, which makes you appreciate it even more. Some tracks hit harder than others, but when she wants to go off she did. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing where she goes from here.
7/10 – D.


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