The Melodic Blue – Baby Keem

The Melodic Blue – Baby Keem


The Melodic Blue – Baby Keem
?01. trademark usa (had me in the first 20 seconds)
?02. pink panties
?03. scapegoats
??04. range brothers f. Kendrick Lamar
?05. issues
?06. gorgeous
?07. south africa
?08. lost souls
?09. cocoa f. Don Toliver
?10. family ties f. ?Kendrick Lamar
?11. scars
??12. durag activity f. ?Travis Scott
?13. booman
?14. first order of business
??15. vent
?16. 16
So K Dot said this the cousin that influenced his style……. fair. We covering up for industry plants? fair. This project is strange. Theres maybe a handful where I feel like he was actually rapping and trying to write bars with a message, then there are the new age im having fun and just singy rapping things that sound cool and making noises, then lastly theres him just new age singy sing vibing. For the most part, I liked the first and last part, but other than that this was a bit much to get through. The features didnt really do much because they were added to the doodooest of songs, whether the beat is a mess with multiple switchups, or he was just sitting on the track biting his toenails. Its also mad long too, like I can take half of this and im chilling but the other half is industry plant radio fodder. Him making noises and having a bag with mostly annoying voices. Wasn’t fully for me. The stupid ass kids gonna love it tho because at minimum K Dot on it as many times as i’ve mentioned him in this review.
5/10 – John D.


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