Dawg Food 3 – Taebo Tha Truth

Dawg Food 3 – Taebo Tha Truth


Dawg Food 3 – Taebo Tha Truth
?01. Pop My Shit
?02. Juice
?03. Wait f. VenomStayDrippin
?04. Right Back
?05. Silent Ride
?06. Carry The Load f. VenomStayDrippin
?07. Big Flexx
?08. More Pressure
?09. Sidekick
?10. Break The Knob
?11. Reloaded
?12. In The Field f. Analise
?13. Deceitful f. A-Wax
?14. Deep End
?15. Reloaded 2
Project is a good time, off rip every song he rapping his ass off. Like madd words, mad double time raps, all the switching content, he even double timed an entire damn story on the last track, so salute to that like the rhymes on this easily took up 20GB’s on his phone or an entire composition notebook. I was here for it, even when he had features he was saying way more things than them, just snapping. Shoutout to the features for going off on this too. This was dope this was like a more new age and mellow tech n9ne type vibe not really like chopping but could be classified. Pacing was solid, production was dope, and I think the theme kept up he showed hunger, talked about his team and all that. There were moments where tracks got a lil boring but it was because if the songs sounded different it wasnt by like a large margin, it was because of small subtle differences. Not bad tho, if you can withstand one of these songs, you can loop the project no problem. Its clean, and just overall good music. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.


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